We started our family business “Vento Espresso Bar” in the central square in Karlovassi, in a friendly, warm, and above all clean environment on May 2013.
Our knowledge as well as our continuous evolution on the “science” of coffee make us stand out from the rest.

Our ultimate goal is to initiate people in our area to the wonderful coffee world with our exquisite aromas and blends.
Our freshly baked waffles and homemade sweets prove the quality of our products and our creativity with different flavours.

Our customers can enjoy the big ice cream variety and relish our delicious salty snacks.
The list is completed with our homemade traditional refreshments, our special hot chocolates, drinks and cocktails.

The support and love of the people give us courage and motivation to become better and better.

Our main concern is our customers’ satisfaction.


Jacobs Espresso Selezione!

A special blend of espresso coffee, 100% Arabica, from selected Brazilian farms, the Andean slopes of Colombia, the volcanic soils of Guatemala and the highlands of Ethiopia. A rich taste of sweet nuts and molasses, velvety body, acidity of dried apricot in a cup of espresso with a dark chocolate aftertaste that lasts…

  • Espresso normale 2,50

    Single dose espresso 30ml

  • Espresso ristretto 2,50

    Single dose espresso 18ml

  • Espresso lungo 2,50

    Single dose espresso 42ml

  • Εspresso macchiato 2,70

    with cream milk

  • Espresso romano 2,70

    Single dose Espresso, 4-5 lemon drops, lemon peel

  • Espresso Americano 2,70

    Single dose espresso with more water

  • Espresso doppio 3,30

    Double dose espresso 60ml

  • Espresso Americano doppio 3,30

    Double dose espresso with more water

  • Espresso Grande 4,00

    Triple dose espresso 120ml

  • Espresso doppio freddo 3,30

    Cold double dose espresso

  • Espresso Grande freddo 4,00

    Cold triple dose espresso

  • Cappuccino normale 3,30

    Single dose espresso with warm cream milk

  • Cappuccino latte 3,40

    Single dose espresso with 220ml warm milk

  • Cappuccino doppio 3,80

    Double dose espresso with warm cream milk

  • Cappuccino flat white 3,70

    Double dose espresso with 100ml warm milk

  • Cappuccino doppio freddo 3,30

    Double dose espresso with cold cream milk

  • Cappuccino Grande freddo 4,00

    Triple dose espresso with cold cream milk

  • Greek Coffee 2,00


  • Greek Coffee 2,70


  • Nescafe 3,00
  • Nescafe frappe 3,00
  • Nescafe with ice cream 5,00
  • Nescafe with Baileys Liqueur 5,00
  • Freddoccino 4,00
  • Mochaccino 4,00

    warm or cold Chocolate , single espresso dose, cream milk

  • Filter coffee with V-60 3,00
  • Filter coffee with Aeropress 3,00
  • Filter coffee with cold drip Hario V-60 3,00
  • Irish Coffee 6,00

    Filter coffee, brown sugar, Irish whisky, cream milk 5.00

  • Affogato 5,50

    Double dose espresso with vanilla ice cream

Soft Drinks

  • Coca Cola 2,80

    Classic / zero

  • Sprite 2,80
  • Loux 2,80

    Lemon, orange , still (blue)

  • Schweppes Soda 2,80
  • Schweppes Tonic 2,80
  • Schweppes grapefruit 3,00
  • Mastiqua 3,50

    carbonated water with mastic

  • Carbonated Water 3,00
  • bottled mineral water 0,50


  • bottled mineral water 1,50


Chocolate Drinks

The company Novello Chocolate Drinks is active in the production of high quality chocolate drinks.

This is a purely Greek company that stands out from the competition due to its avant-garde, as well as extensive knowledge and experience in the field of beverage production.

Classic Flavours

  • Premium Chocolate 3,20

    Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa. This is a secret recipe for dense milk chocolate that is unique in the Greek Market. The rich milk chocolate emerges a velvety touch on your palate.

  • Bitter Chocolate 3,20

    This is a quality beverage with high content in cocoa from the Central America, natural Colombian cocoa and low proportion of sugar. For those who love bitter chocolate, this aromatic one should be their first choice.

  • Sugar Free Chocolate 3,50

    For those who follow particular diet/dietary habits, who are considerate about their physique and want to stay fit without giving up on their favourite velvety Novello chocolate, we suggest this delicious choice, which is as delightful as classic chocolate. No sugar, only Stevia sweetener. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • White Chocolate 3,20

    Dense white chocolate is prominent in an outstanding recipe and offers refined taste and sophisticated aroma. This chocolate has rich, creamy, velvety texture, with delicate accentuations of cocoa butter and vanilla. For those who prefer the sweet scent of white chocolate, this one will certainly excite them.

  • Black forest 3,50

    Dark chocolate with a taste of wild cherry and cherry liqueur. The Black Forest cake now in a chocolate drink!

Aromatic Flavours

  • White Chocolate with Raspberry and pieces of Blueberry 3,50

    New flavor of white chocolate, with red raspberries and pieces of blueberry. Creamy, fruity, and ultimately desirable. Served hot or cold.

  • White Chocolate with Vanilla & Oreo Cookies 3,50

    This white aromatic chocolate, made with fresh vanilla and whole Oreo cookies is the best you can get for a white chocolate beverage.

  • White Chocolate with Biscuit 3,50

    This white aromatic chocolate, made with fresh vanilla and cookies crumbles is the best you can get for a white chocolate beverage.

  • Chocolate with Mastic & Rose 3,50

    Mastic & Rose is a special aromatic chocolate which evokes the traditional scents of Greece. It contains natural distillations of Mastic essential oil and rose extract. This one exceeds any other combination of aromatic chocolate. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Ruby Chocolate – Pink Chocolate 3,50

    A new taste of pink chocolate “Ruby Chocolate“. Fruity and sour taste with perfect texture and light aroma of authentic Ruby chocolate. Serve hot or cold.

  • Organic Coconut sugar – Chocolate with organic coconut sugar 3,50

    “Organic Coconut Sugar Chocolate”. Selected varieties of African cocoa with organic coconut sugar. Healthy chocolate with low glycemic index. Serve hot or cold.

  • Chocolate Banana 3,50

    This aromatic chocolate beverage blends banana and chocolate in a balance binding of tastes, thus evoking a fragrant scent of banana while sipping through the chocolate. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Chocolate with Peanut butter, Caramel & Salt 3,50

    When the peanut butter melts in the dense chocolate, with éclats of salt and caramel you savour an originally unique aromatic taste.

  • Milk Chocolate with Caramel & Himalayan Salt 3,50

    The Gourmet version of aromatic chocolate. The butterscotch caramel with the Himalayan salt grant the beverage a superior gastronomic character/ identity. This particular flavor has been nominated with the Silver Award for Superior Flavor and the Bronze Award for Packaging by the OLYMP AWARDS 2017 and 2018 respectively. The ultimate aromatic combination: dense chocolate and melting caramel. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Cookie Chocolate 3,50

    Timeless aromatic combination, cookies crumbles and vanilla. This is the perfect choice for those who desire the crunch of a chocolate cookie. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Chocolate with Ginger & Indonesian Cinnamon 3,50

    The aroma of Far East, natural ginger and natural cinnamon blend in a flavor feast with the predominant chocolate and highlights of ginger and cinnamon. A distinct flavor that is so delicious one can’t resist. It contains the finest quality of the world-renowned Dutch cocoa.

  • Maya’s Chocolate with Chilli & Spices 3,50

    The only authentic Mayan spicy recipe with chilli and natural spices, that has been awarded and can pleasantly be your companion on a cold winter day. The chocolate bonds perfectly with the chilli and the various spices, thus evoking a smooth, peppery, ethnic aroma. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Brioche & Hazelnut Praline Chocolate 3,50

    Eastern taste with authentic Turkish mahlepi and hazelnut praline. With every sip you feel the full taste of a fresh delightful brioche dipped in the density of the chocolate. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Orange & Indonesian Cinnamon Chocolate 3,50

    The orange suits/ fits perfectly to the chocolate, especially when it is matched with Indonesian cinnamon and… then this aromatic chocolates takes off! This chocolate entails natural orange essence and natural Indonesian cinnamon. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Cappuccino Nocciola Chocolate 3,50

    Enjoy the a full-bodied coffee in a glass of velvety chocolate beverage and the scent of real aromatic hazelnut. The perfect pair to start the day. This is a new, original and awarded flavor, which won the Silver Award by the OLYMP AWARDS 2018. Serve it with a thick layer of rich foam milk exactly as you would prepare a cappuccino – this time with a chocolate flavor. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Lilla-type Strawberry & Vanilla Chocolate 3,50

    The fruity version of chocolate beverage, with strawberry flavor in perfect balance with vanilla. The aromatic strawberries and the lovely vanilla “dive” together into the chocolate. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Coconut Chocolate 3,50

    A combination that reminds of summer, with the discreet tropical aftertaste of coconut, which blends ultimately with a cold chocolate beverage. This one is the ideal choice for those who love the Summer, and the summery scents. Exotic aroma “fits like a glove”to a chocolate beverage. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

  • Bueno-type Chocolate 3,50

    Delicious and popular aromatic chocolate, for kids and adults. A mixture of white and dark dense chocolate with hazelnut praline. Made with superior quality Dutch cocoa.

Toast – Sandwiches

  • Club Sandwich ham 6,00

    cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise. Served with baked Potatoes and handmade sauce

  • Club Sandwich turkey 6,00

    cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise. Served with baked Potatoes and handmade sauce

  • Club Sandwich chicken 6,50

    tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise. Served with baked Potatoes and handmade sauce

  • Tsiapata ham 5,50

    cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise

  • Tsiapata turkey 5,50

    cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise

  • Tsiapata chicken 6,00

    tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise.

  • Tsiapata greek 5,50

    Feta cheese, olives, tomato, lettuce

  • Toasted – Sandwich 3,00


  • Toasted – Sandwich 3,00

    cheese, ham

  • Toasted – Sandwich 3,00

    cheese, turkey


Salty Choices

  • Bacon 5,00

    cheese, fried egg

  • Ham/Turkey 6,00

    cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise

  • Ham/Turkey 6,50

    cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, fried egg

Sweet Choices

  • Chocolate 5,00

    hazelnut praline or bueno

  • Chocolate with crumbled Biscuit 5,50

    Praline chocolate, or bueno, or white

  • Chocolate with banana 5,50
  • Chocolate with strawberries 5,50
  • Chocolate, biscuit and banana 6,00
  • Chocolate, biscuit and strawberry 6,50

Extra Charge:

  • peanut butter 2,50

    salt free, sugar free

  • hazelnut butter with caramel 2,50
  • Samian honey 2,50
  • whipped cream 0,50
  • double praline 0,50
  • extra layer of Pancake 1,50
  • 1 ice cream ball 2,50


  • Waffle 3,00
  • Waffle 4,00

    hazelnut praline /bueno/ white Chocolate

  • Waffle 4,50

    hazelnut praline /bueno/ white Chocolate , crumbled biscuit

  • Waffle 5,00

    hazelnut praline /bueno/ white Chocolate , crumbled biscuit , banana

Extra Charge:

  • peanut butter 2,50

    salt free, sugar free

  • hazelnut butter with caramel 2,50
  • Samian honey 2,50
  • whipped cream 0,50
  • double praline 0,50
  • strawberries 2,00
  • wafer rolls 1,00
  • 1 ice cream ball 2,50

Refresh yourself

Gia ...giamas

  • Lemonade 3,20

    100% greek lemons, a traditional recipe from 1957 rich in vitamins C, B1 ,B2 ,B3, B6 which strengthen the immune System, keep us young and a protective shield on the heart.

  • Peach 3,20

    100% greek peaches, a traditional recipe from 1957 rich in vitamins C, A, B- Carotene which has great anti-aging properties. Rich in fiber.

  • Pink Lemonade 3,20

    100% greek fruit, a traditional recipe from 1957, rich in vitamin C,A,E niacin, strengthens memory, heart and bones.

  • Greek Pandaisia 3,20

    100% Greek fruit feast, a traditional recipe from 1957. Consists of 9 fruits: lemon  pear, orange, apricot ,peach, green apple, kiwi, carrot and grape, which are rich  in protein, vitamins A,B  & C, then such as  magnesium, fiber and antioxidants.

  • Green Apple with Pomegranate 3,20

    100% Greek traditional fruit, a traditional recipe from 1957, is a very good source of vitamin C,K  and folic acid, potassium and other antioxidants.

Extra Charge:

  • enjoy gia...giamas 0,30

    with soda water


  • Our Flavours: 4,00

    Strawberry, watermelon, peach, green apple, forest fruits, passion fruits, coconut, pineapple, banana, lemon, mandarin, apple-pomegranate, lemon-strawberry


  • milkshake with ice cream 5,00

    milk chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, kaymak ,yogurt and wild cherry, cream and cookies (cream with Oreo biscuit), hazelnut with gianduja

Smartfruit smoothies

  • Aloha + Prebiotics 5,50

    Nothing is stronger than the well- being and energy, that a Hawaiian combination of real fruits give you. Pineapple, creamy Coconut, mature Banana. Dip in Greek Yogurt with 2% fat. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and probiotics.

  • Superfruits + Guarana 5,50

    It's incredible how much strength nature gives these fruits. Create for your an all-star of Olympic standards. With Pomegranate, Blueberries, Acai Berries, Goji berries, Guarana and velvety Greek yogurt 2% fat, full of energy, antioxidants and vitamins.

  • Tropical + Aloe Vera 5,50

    A combination that will send your tastebuds on a voyage paved real fruits from the Caribbean, giving you harmony and relaxation in every sip. Each glass is full of Papaya, Guava, Passion fruit, Pineapple & Aloe vera. Adding it's velvety rich Greek 2% fat yogurt. A real healthy shield for body.

Greek Shakes

  • Peach 5,50

    Greek peaches, full of freshness and aroma, dipped in vanilla ice cream.

  • Apple Pomegranate 5,50

    Greek Apples and Pomegranates, full of freshness and aroma, dipped in vanilla ice cream.

  • Lemon 5,50

    Greek lemons, full of freshness and aroma, dipped in vanilla ice cream.

Ice Creams

  • Vanilla 2,50
  • Kaymak 2,50
  • Milk chocolate 2,50
  • Strawberry 2,50
  • Banana 2,50
  • Ηazelnut praline 2,50
  • Cream and cookies 2,50

    Cream with Oreo biscuit

  • Yogurt and wild cherry 2,50
  • tiramisu 2,50
  • Stratsiatella 2,50
  • Cream Parfait 2,50

    Rich ice cream with traditional quince and caramelized almond

  • Hazelnut Parfait 2,50

    Ice cream with hazelnut flavor and hazelnut praline

  • Parfait peanut 2,50
  • Black Forest 2,50

    Ice cream with sour cherry preserve, chocolate pieces and chocolate sponge cake

  • Salted butter caramel 2,50
  • Sorbet mango 2,50
  • ice cream cone 0,20


Did you crave a homemade sweet dessert?

Do you want to enjoy flavorful creations made with imagination, love and care?

Ask us about the fresh and sweet options and enjoy them, in any possible, or impossible combination you can think of!


  • amstel 3,50


  • amstel radler 4,00


  • alfa 3,50


  • heineken 4,00


  • mythos 3,50


  • mamos 4,00


  • mamos unfiltered pilsener 4,00


  • fix 3,50


  • fix 0% 4,00


  • fix dark 4,00


  • fischer 4,00


  • kaiser 4,00


  • erdinger weiss 6,50


  • sol 5,50


  • milokleftis Apple Cider 4,50


  • draft beer 3,50


  • draft beer 4,50



  • White wine ̎"Psiles Korfes" 4,50
  • White wine "Moscato" 4,50
  • White semi – dry wine "Babel" 4,50
  • sweet wine "Samos Vin Doux" 4,50
  • red wine "Agaios" 4,50
  • Rose semi – dry wine "Babel" 4,50
  • Vakakis dry Rose Wine Pentagram 5,00
  • Vakakis dry Rose Wine Pyramid 5,00
  • Vakakis semi - sweet Rose Wine Crater 5,00
  • Moscato D’ asti 6,00
  • sangria 5,00
  • White wine "Psiles Korfes" 20,00


  • White wine "Moscato" 20,00


  • White semi – dry wine "Babel" 20,00


  • Rose semi – dry wine "Babel" 20,00


  • sweet wine "Samos Vin Doux " 20,00


  • Vakakis dry Rose Wine Pentagram 25,00


  • Vakakis dry Rose Wine Pyramid 25,00


  • Vakakis semi - sweet Rose Wine Crater 25,00


  • red wine "Agaios" 20,00


Tsipouro - Ouzo

  • Dark Cave 8,00

    aged tsipouro

  • Apostolakis 4,00

    50ml with star anise

  • Apostolakis 4,00

    50ml star anise free

  • Ouzo Frantzeskos 3,50



  • Ballantines 7,00
  • Haig 7,00
  • Grant’s 7,00
  • Cutty Sark 7,00
  • Teacher’s 7,00
  • Dewar’s 7,00
  • Jameson 7,00
  • The Famous Grouse 7,00
  • Southern Comfort 7,00
  • Johnnie Walker Black 8,00
  • Johnnie Walker Double Black 8,00
  • Johnnie Red Label 7,00
  • Johnnie White Label 8,50
  • Johnnie Blue Label 30,00
  • Chivas Regal 8,00
  • Jack Daniels 8,00
  • Jack Daniels Honey 8,00
  • Dimple 8,00
  • Drambuie 8,00
  • Cardhu 8,00


  • Metaxa 3* 6,00
  • Metaxa 5* 7,00
  • Metaxa 7* 7,50
  • Metaxa 12* 9,00


  • Bulldog 7,00
  • Gordon’s 7,00
  • Beefeater 7,00
  • Bombay 8,00
  • Tanqueray 8,00
  • Tanqueray Ten 8,50
  • Tanqueray 0.0% 8,00


  • Gin Soda 7,00
  • Gin Tonic 7,00
  • Gin Lemon 7,00
  • Gin Cola 7,00
  • Gin Sprite 7,00
  • Gin Martini 7,00


  • Grand Marnier 7,00
  • Galliano 7,00
  • Benedictine 8,00
  • Sambuca Black 7,00
  • Tia Maria 7,00
  • Frangelico 7,00
  • Kahlua 7,00
  • Cointreau 7,00
  • Jägermeister 7,00
  • Amaretto Disaronno 7,00
  • Malibu 7,00
  • Baileys 7,00
  • Campari 7,00


  • Diplomatico 9,00
  • Bacardi 7,00
  • Havana White 7,00
  • Havana Black 8,00


  • Jose Cuervo white 7,00
  • Jose Cuervo yellow 7,00
  • Olmeca White 7,00
  • Olmeca Yellow 7,00
  • Olmeca dark chocolate 7,00


  • Serkova 7,00
  • Absolut 7,00
  • Stolichnaya 7,00
  • Belvedere 10,00
  • Grey Goose 10,00
  • Ursus Red 7,00
  • Smirnoff North 7,00
  • Martini Bianco 7,00
  • Martini Rosso 7,00
  • Finlandia 7,00



  • tea Bradleys 2,80


  • english blend
  • green tea
  • earl grey
  • mango
  • tropical fruits
  • strawberry
  • cinnamon
  • forest Fruits
  • mint – peppermint
  • green tea with lemon
  • chamomile
  • pomegranate – cinnamon
  • ginger – orange
  • extra Honey + 0,20
  • Tea Lipton 330ml 2,80


  • lemon
  • peach
  • lemon green tea
  • lemon green tea sugar free


  • fresh juice 3,80


  • fresh juice 5,00


  • amita 2,50

    orange, peach, apricot, cherry, pineapple, banana, orange-apple-apricot, lemon


  • The Super Naked 8,00

    rum, forest fruit, strawberry, lime, black sugar, mint

  • Coffee bourbon 8,00

    Bourbon Whiskey, Coffee Liqueur, Espresso

  • Bees knees 8,00

    Dry Gin, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice,Honey

  • Gin basil smash 8,00

    DryGin, Basil,Lemon Juice

  • Hurricane 8,50

    Dark Rum, Light Rum, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Passion Fruit

  • Queen’s park swizzle 8,00

    Dark Rum, Lime Juice, Dark Sugar, Dash Bitters, Mint

  • Bitter bee 8,50

    Vodka, Honey, Lime Juice, Mint, Dark Sugar, Dash Bitters

  • Caipiroska 8,00

    Vodka, fresh Lime, Dark Sugar

  • Cosmopolitan 8,00

    Vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice, Dash Bitters

  • Gold rush 8,00

    Bourbon Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Honey

  • Aperol spritz 8,00

    prosecco, aperol, soda

  • Boulevardier 8,00

    Bourbon Whiskey, Campari, Sweet Vermouth

  • Brazil 66 8,00

    Cachaca, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, Lime Juice

  • Samos sangria 7,50

    Samos VinDoux, Pineapple Juice, Cointreau, Lemon Juice

  • Banana smoothie 8,00

    Samos VinDoux, Banana, Sour cream

  • Mojito 8,00

    Bacardi Gold Rum, Lime Juice, Schweppes Soda, Mint

  • Margarita 8,00

    Reposado Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Agave Syrup, Salt

  • Frozen daiquiri 8,00

    Bacardi Gold Rum, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup,Fruit Puree

  • Vento obsession 6,00

    Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Dark Sugar,Fruit Puree

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Our water is filtered. Let us know if you have any allergies.

Prices are in Euro (€) and include VAT and Municipal tax, and can be changed without previous notice.

The consumer is not obliged to pay if he does not receive a legal receipt or invoice.