Our coffee is from the well-known company Kudu, a special blend of 100% selected arabica beans, from 4 different farms in Brazil.
It is processed through a pulped natural method.
A floral coffee, bittersweet structure with mild, round acidity. Silky body.


  • Espresso 2,30

    lugo - ristretto - macchiato

  • Espresso 3,00


  • Amecirano 3,00
  • Cappuccino 3,00
  • Cappuccino 3,50


  • Flat white 3,50
  • Irish coffee 5,00
  • Latte 3,50
  • Greek coffee 2,40


  • Greek coffee 2,70


Hot Filter

  • Destilled coffee in chemex 3,50

    A fireproof glass jug with a wooden handle, offers coffee with rich flavour and purity.

  • Distilled coffee in V-60 3,50

    The well-known filter coffee, with the technique of V-60.


  • Freddo espresso 3,50
  • Affogato 5,50

    The famous Italian recipe, combining coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  • Freddo cappuccino 3,50
  • Cold brew 4,00

    Single variety coffee specialty made by the method of cold distillation.

  • Gold Latte 3,80
  • Frappe 3,50

Coffee made with plant is charged extra 1€.

Healthy Matcha Latte

🌱 Pure * Organic * Tea

Cold or Hot

  • Green Matcha Latte 6,50

    A popular detox green tea mix with therapeutic qualities made with vegan milk

  • Blue Matcha Latte 7,00

    A blue antioxidant tea with a blend of dried Butterfly Pea and non-dairy milk. Naturally aids in memory, stress-relief and relaxation. Its color is derived from the petals of the plant. Decaffeinated.

  • Black Matcha Latte 6,50

    Pu era tea sometimes called black tea is a fermented tea mix including non-daily milk.Traditionally produced for centuries in the Yunnan Province of China in botanology having several health benefits.


Black tea

  • Bitter Almond 3,50

    Chinese black tea with bits of bitter almonds..

  • Rose Petals 3,50

    A Chinese black tea with a strong aroma and rose petals.

Red tea

  • Rooibos 3,50

    Red tea combined with orange peel and chili.
    A special tasty choice, decaffeinated and rich in antioxidants..

  • Little prince 3,50

    A drink with pieces of apple, grapes, strawberry, hibiscus, chamomile flowers and rose hip.
    A sweet alternative decaffeinated beverage.

  • Orange passion 3,50

    Pieces of apple, pineapple, papaya, marakuja, orange, hibiscus flowers and rose buds.

White tea

  • White angel 3,50

    Cinnamon, orange peel, almonds, lemongrass, orange and rose flowers.

  • Spring sun 3,50

    Combination of white and green tea with pieces of pineapple, lemon, strawberry, pear, cherry, lemongrass, raspberry leaves and sunflower petals.

Green tea

  • Forest fruits 3,50

    Strawberry, blueberry leaves, hibiscus flowers, apple, gooseberry, bilberry pieces and elderflower fruits.
    A delicious decaffeinated afternoon beverage.

Mindful Handcrafted Sodas

Here is a long journey in a world of flavour. Produced with natural ingredients in Greece – no sugar – improve digestion- potentially improve heart health- lose weight – no phosphorus- keeps you more hydrated, 100%natural, 100% fresh, 100% flavour.

  • Grapefruit Soda 5,00

    Natural grapefruit aroma from the stems and leaves of the tree. Exquisite natural flavour.

  • Soda mastic 5,00

    Soda made with filtered water from natural springs with mastic gum, mountain tea and louiza.

  • Ginger Soda 5,00

    Soda with natural ginger extract, to prevent diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

  • Quince Soda 5,00

    A unique quince soft drink with natural ingredients, which is produced for the first time in global soft drinks market. It enhances memory and brain function.

  • Soda Lemon 5,00

    Lemon soda with mastic gum from Chios mixed with Greek herbs.

  • Τonic Water 5,00

    A mediterranean tonic based on the mountain herbs and hints of the sea.

  • Cascara coffee sherry tea 5,00

    A soda infusion made with cherries and coffee with a distinct sweet and fruity taste that aids in digestion.


Premium Marchoc

Hot / Cold

  • Milk chocolate 3,50
  • Milk chocolate with strawberry flavour 4,20
  • Milk chocolate with hazelnut praline 4,20

    Chocolate beverage with gianduja aroma.

  • Mlk chocolate with caramel and sea salt 4,20

    Chocolate flavored beverage with an aroma of caramel and sea salt.

  • White chocolate with raspberry and pomegranate 4,20

    Premium white chocolate beverage with a raspberry and pomegranate aroma.

  • Dark chocolate with spices 4,20

    A spicy dark chocolate beverage.

  • Milk chocolate with homemade rum from our barrel 4,20


  • Homemade lemonade 5,00

    The lemonade is prepared exclusively by us with lemons and herbs from Samos.

  • Natural mixed juice 5,50

    Natural mixed juice

  • Fresh orange juice 3,80
  • Detox water 6,00

    A refreshing Mediterranean tonic, without sugar, based on herbs and elements from the sea, cucumber, red pepper, star anise and citrus aromas, from the island of Samos.

  • Cold tea San Benedetto 4,00

    Indian black tea with peach or lemon flavour.

  • Soft drinks 2,80
  • Juices 2,80
  • Non-alcoholic cocktail 5,00


  • Milkshake Red Berries & Super Fruits 6,00

    An antioxident energy milkshake blended with super fruits like goji berries and cranberries with a unique flavour.

  • Milkshake Coconut & Cream 6,00

    The exotic coconut flavour combined with cream will be your summer favourite.

  • Milkshake Caramel Toffee 6,00

    Awarded with 2 golden stars for its smooth creamy texture and mouthwatering flavours. Its indescribable taste has placed it in the hall of fame.

  • Milkshake Praline & Chocolate 6,00

    Praline and chocolate meet to create the absolute milkshake. Your senses will be shocked with the intoxicating flavours of chocolate and hazelnut.

Φαγητά - Brunch

The pancakes, burgers, chutney, sauces, the spiced pork, the shrimp mixture, jams, roasted vegetables, creams, molasses, pickles and many other ingredients, are all handmade and prepared in our kitchen by our team at Solid.

Our goal is to create a culinary experience with attention to quality and flavour for our customers always aiming for the best. 


Additional options at an extra charge.

Egg Dishes

  • Omelet 8,00

    Omelet with grilled fresh vegetables, accompanied by a seasonal salad.

  • Omelette Sandwich 6,50

    An egg omelet with soft yellow cheese, sliced smoked turkey, lettuce, tomato and parmesan sauce served in a bun.

  • Croque madame 8,00

    Béchamel poured on toasted bread topped with yellow cheese, pork fouantre, homemade ketchup, rocket, chives, and an egg sunny side up.

  • Healthy avocado 8,00

    Homemade avocado spread on toasted whole wheat bread with sliced tomato, chives and a poached egg.

  • Savory Pancakes .,Made in Paris" 8,00

    A crunchy pancake made with fried eggs, parmesan cheese, bacon, molasses made from Samian grapes.

Club Sandwiches

  • Classic Club Sandwich 7,70

    Crispy bread with sliced turkey, yellow cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. Accompanied by fried potato wedges and Solid sauce or seasonal lettuce.

  • Chicken Club Sandwich 8,70

    Crispy bread with chicken fillets, sliced turkey, yellow cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. Accompanied by fried potato wedges and Solid sauce or seasonal lettuce.

  • 🌱Vegan Club Sandwich 10,00

    Crispy bread with vegan deli slices, vegan cheese, vegan mayo, lettuce, and tomato. Accompanied by fried potato wedges and homemade ketchup.


Japanese milk – known as bread shokupan.


  • Chicken Sandos 8,50

    Fresh beef patty, handmade onion chutney, red lettuce and mustard.

  • Chicken Sandos 8,50

    Breaded chicken fillet with homemade parmesan sauce and rocket.

Bao Buns

  • Shrimp bao buns 13,00

    Steamed bao bun bread, shrimp, fresh vegetables, wasabi sauce.

  • Pork bao buns 11,00

    Steamed bao bun bread, slow roasted spiced pork, and fresh vegetables with sweet and sour sauce.


  • 🌱Vegan burger 13,00

    Veggie Patty made with kinoa and beets, vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, homemade ketchup, and pickled carrots in a carb bun. Accompanied by fried potato wedges and homemade ketchup.

  • Solid Burger 11,00

    Fresh beef burger topped with cheddar cheese caramilised onions, lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce in a Black Rye brioche bun. Accompanied by fried potato wedges and homemade ketchup.

  • Chicken Burger 11,00

    Crispy chicken fillet in a brioche bun topped with homemade sauce lettuce and tomato. Accompanied by fried potato wedges and Solid sauce.

  • The American 12,00

    Brioche bread, double fresh beef patty, cheddar cheese, tomato, bacon, pickled cucumber, ketchup and onion rings. Accompanied by fried potato wedges and Solid sauce.

Sweet Pancakes

All pancakes can be topped with ice cream.

  • Choco lovers 7,50

    Chocolate (milk or dark) with banana slices and grated biscuit.

  • Feel the energy 7,50

    Crunchy peanut butter with banana slices and Samos honey.

  • Honey bee 7,50

    Apple pieces, Samos honey, cinnamon and walnut.

  • Oreo Story 7,50

    White chocolate praline with oreo cookies, strawberry marmalade and coconut flakes.

  • Buenos Dias 7,50

    Bueno praline, crispy waffle flakes, caramelised hazelnuts.


  • Green salad with fresh strawberry 8,00

    Green salad, walnut, strawberry vinaigrette, croutons, fresh chopped strawberries. Sprinkled with parmesan flakes or blue cheese, your choice.

  • Chicken Salad 8,00

    Green salad with sautéed chicken fillets, corn, herbed croutons, cucumber, cranberry, parmesan flakes and homemade sauce.


  • For 2 persons 12,00

    Platter of cheese and deli cuts.


  • 🌱Vegan Tart 6,00

    Vegan chocolate tart with caramelized hazelnuts, fresh strawberry and orange aromas.

  • Solid flower pot 9,00

    Chocolate pot, flavoured patisserie with orange, fresh strawberry, almond & hazelnut crumble planted in an oreo biscuit soil.

  • Chocolate Solid Ball 9,50

    Chocolate ball with pieces of brownies, ice cream cheesecake, crumble nuts, pieces of strawberry and hot caramel.

  • Profiterol 8,00

    Handmade puff pastry filled with patisserie vanilla cream, chocolate ganache, scented with Metaxa and fresh strawberries.

  • Banoffee 7,50

    One of our most popular deserts with fresh banana or strawberry.

  • Lemon tart 8,00

    Crispy tart dough, lemon patisserie, accompanied by vanilla ice cream and biscuit "soil".

  • Salted Brownies 7,00

    Brownie with salt flakes, hot dark chocolate and cheesecake or vanilla ice cream flavour.

  • Choco Volcano 10,00

    Hot chocolate lava cake with ice cream and caramel syrup!

Ice Cream

  • "Absolute flavour" 6,50

    Chocolate and banana ice cream, combined with caramelized hazelnuts, fluid milk-based caramel sauce and pieces of dark chocolate.

  • "Make me feel" 7,00

    Chocolate and cookies ice cream, oreo biscuit crumbs, melted milk chocolate, pieces of fresh strawberry.

Create the ice cream of your choice

Ice cream flavours

banana, chocolate, vanilla, cookies


dark chocolate, milk chocolate, strawberry syrup, crumble almond, caramelized hazelnuts, oreo biscuit, cookie crumbs, coconut, fresh strawberry, fresh banana