Our coffee is from the well-known company Kadu and it is a blend of selected beans arabica specialty 100%, from 4 different farms in Brazil.
It has passed pulped natural and natural processing.
Flower coffee, bittersweet structure with mild, round acidity. Silky body.


  • Espresso 2,30

    lugo - ristretto - macchiato

  • Espresso 3,00


  • Amecirano 3,00
  • Cappuccino 3,00
  • Cappuccino 3,50


  • Flat white 3,20
  • Irish coffee 5,00
  • Latte 3,30
  • Greek coffee 2,30 / 2,60

    single / double

Hot Filter

  • Destilled coffee in chemex 3,50

    A fireproof glass jug with a wooden handle, offers coffee with rich flavour and purity.

  • Distilled coffee in V-60 3,50

    The well-known filter coffee, with the technique of V-60.


  • Freddo espresso 3,50
  • Freddo cappuccino 3,50
  • Affogato 5,00

    The famous Italian recipe, combining coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

  • Cold brew 4,00

    Single variety coffee specialty made by the method of cold distillation.

  • Cold Latte 3,50
  • Frappé coffee 3,00


Black tea

  • Bitter almond 3,00

    Black chinese tea with bitter almond pieces.

  • Rose petals 3,00

    Black chinese tea combined with rose petals.
    Strong intensely flavoured tea.

Red tea

  • Rooibos 3,00

    Red tea combined with orange peel and chili.
    A special tasty choice, decaffeinated and rich in antioxidants..

  • Little prince 3,00

    Drink with pieces of apple, grapes and strawberry, hibiscus & chamomile flowers and rose hips.
    A sweet alternative decaffeinated beverage.

  • Orange passion 3,00

    Pieces of apple, pineapple, papaya, marakuja and orange, hibiscus flowers and rose buds.

White tea

  • White angel 3,00

    Cinnamon, orange peel, almonds, lemongrass, orange and rose flowers.

  • Spring sun 3,00

    Combination of white and green tea with pieces of pineapple, lemon, strawberry, pear, cherry, lemongrass, raspberry leaves and sunflower petals.

Green tea

  • Forest fruits 3,00

    Strawberry and blueberry leaves, hibiscus flowers, apple, gooseberry & bilberry pieces and elderflower fruits.
    A delicious decaffeinated afternoon beverage.


Premium Marchoc

Hot / Cold

  • Milk chocolate 3,50
  • Milk chocolate with strawberry flavour 4,20
  • Milk chocolate with hazelnut praline 4,20

    Chocolate beverage with gianduja aroma.

  • Mlk chocolate with caramel and sea salt 4,20

    Chocolate flavored beverage with aroma of caramel and sea salt.

  • White chocolate with raspberry and pomegranate 4,20

    Premium white chocolate beverage with raspberry and pomegranate aroma.

  • Dark chocolate with spices 4,20

    Dark chocolate beverage with spices aroma.

  • Milk chocolate with homemade rum from our barrel 5,50


  • Homemade lemonade 4,50

    The lemonade is prepared exclusively by us with lemons and herbs of Samos.

  • Natural mixed juice 5,00

    from fresh fruits

  • Smoothie Banana 6,00

    almond - banana - orange
    Improves kidney function, rich in nutrients and tonic.

  • Fresh orange juice 3,80
  • Cold tea San Benedetto 4,00

    Indian black tea with peach or lemon flavour.

  • Soft drinks 2,80
  • Juices 2,80
  • Non-alcoholic cocktail 5,00

Premium greek soft drinks

Zero sugar

  • Pink Grapefruit Soda 5,00

    Embodying the unique aroma and flavor of fresh pink grapefruits in a supreme beverage.

  • Cherry Soda 5,00

    Bringing out the aromatic essence and flavour of wild cherry.

  • Gentlemen's Soda 5,00

    The ultimate citrus fruit proposal with refreshing notes of mandarin & bergamot.


  • Ginger Beer 5,00

    A ginger beer for the ultimate mule type cocktail with natural ginger extract.

  • Aegean Tonic 5,00

    Three Cents Aegean Tonic water is a light and refreshing as the Mediterranean Sea breeze. A pleasant revitalising tonic water made by high quality natural quinine, cucumber, basil and other herbs, spices and citruses from the Greek land.

  • Pink Grapefruit Soda 5,00

    Embodying the unique aroma and flavour of fresh pink grapefruits in a supreme beverage.

  • Cherry Soda 5,00

    Bringing out the aromatic essence and flavour of wild cherry.

  • Gentlemen's Soda 5,00

    The ultimate citrus fruit proposal with refreshing notes of mandarin & bergamot.

  • Pineapple soda 5,00

    Created to highlight the tropical aromas of fresh, ripe pineapples from the Caribbean and South America


Since 2015, our team, with aging techniques, mixing materials and the appropriate technology, creates behind the bar blends of rum, where everyone has their own style, character, personality and taste.
We combine our rum with hebrs, citrus fruits, spices and fruits, giving a unique tasty result to your glass!
Below we serve you 4 of the ones that we have singled out and loved!
Have a good trip into our world, that of flavours!

| Mpantounas Panagiotis |


    The first blend of Solid, which accompanies also our irresistible zombie. Flavoured with citrus fruits and spices, it leaves a sweet spicy taste with hints of ginger.


    Unique combination of molasses, citrus fruits and spices. Sweet aftertaste!

  • BANANA RUM 9,00

    Blend from rum with the sous vide technique. Aroma of fresh banana, spices and molasses. Fruity aroma with banana - spice aftertaste.


    Blend from rum with the sous vide technique. Aroma of mango, molasses and spices. Fruity aroma with mango - spice aftertaste.

  • Havana club 7* 8,00
  • Captain Morgan 7,00
  • Sailor Jerry 7,00
  • Kraken black spiced 8,00
  • Ron zacapa 14,00

    23 years old

  • Zacapa reserva limitada 18,00
  • Plantation rum original dark 8,00
  • Plantation Isle of Fiji rum 9,00
  • Plantation rum Peru edition 14,00

    13 years old

  • Diplomatico reserve exclusiva 11,00

    12 years old

  • Diplomatico mantuano rum 9,00
  • Angostura 1919 Aged rum blend 10,00
  • Don papa rum 11,00

    7 years old


  • Monkey 47 gin 14,00
  • G wine 9,00
  • The botanist 9,00
  • Plymouth 8,00
  • Tanqueary 7,00
  • Tanqueary 10 9,00
  • Blue Beetle 7,00
  • Hendrix 10,00
  • Etsu Handcrafted gin, Japan 10,00
  • Bombay 8,00
  • Brokers 7,00
  • Bulldog 8,00
  • Beefeater 7,00
  • Beefeater pink 7,00


  • Snow leopard 10,00
  • Stolichnaya elit 14,00
  • Smirnoff black 7,00
  • Stolichnaya 8,00

    gold edition

  • Belvedere 10,00
  • Grey goose 10,00
  • Ketel one 8,00
  • Ciroc 9,00
  • Finlandia 7,00


  • Don Julio reposado 9,00
  • Don Julio blanco 8,00
  • Ocho reposado 7,00
  • Ocho blanco 7,00
  • Jose Cuervo traditional silver 7,00
  • Jose Cuervo traditional reposado 8,00



  • Woodford reserve bourbon 10,00
  • Jack daniels 7,00
  • Jack daniels honey 7,00
  • Bulleit burbon 8,00


  • Wild geese 7,00
  • Bushmills Irish malt 7,00
  • Bushmills Irish single malt 8,00

    10 years old


  • Nikka from the barrel malt 14,00
  • Taketsuru pure malt 14,00

    12 years old


  • Oban single malt 12,00

    14 years old

  • Talisker single malt 10,00

    10 years old

  • Macallan single malt 14,00

    12 years old

  • Chivas regal 8,00

    12 years old

  • Glenrothes select 9,00
  • Cardhu regal 9,00

    12 years old

  • Dimlpe regal 8,00

    15 years old

  • Johnnie walker black 8,00
  • Johnnie walker double black 8,00
  • Johnnie walker 10,00

    gold label reserve

  • Lagavulin single malt 14,00

    14 years old

  • Raven blended scotch 7,00
  • Glenfidich 8,00

    12 years old


  • Metaxa 7* 7,00
  • Metaxa 12* 8,00
  • Metaxa Private Reserve 14,00
  • Liqueur cointreau 7,00
  • Liqueur remy martin v.sop 10,00
  • Hennessy VSOP Privilege 14,00


  • Ikariotissa ale | Blonde, ale 5% alc. 5,00

    A beer made with water from the natural springs of Ikaria, the island of longevity. It owes its name to the matriarchal tradition of ikaria.

  • Ikariotissa red ale | Red, ale 5% alc. 5,00

    A beer made with water from the natural springs of Ikaria, the island of longevity. It owes its name to the matriarchal tradition of ikaria. Vibrant golden red color.

  • Valsamo Samos beer | Blonde, ale 5.5% alc. 4,00

    The first beer of Samos with a spicy light taste and floral characteristics of honey, orange and coriander.

  • Stella Artois | Blonde, premium lager 5.2% alc. 4,50

    A well-known name with ingredients the aromatic complex of citrus, white grapes, peach, cereals and flowers. The best-selling Belgian beer with an interntational presence.

  • Vergina porfyra | Strong lager 6.3% alc. 4,00

    A strong lager beer from northern Greece, unfiltered, blonde with orange highlights. It has a rich taste with strong aromas of classic hops and malt that balance and blend harmoniously.

  • Vergina lager | Blonde, lager 5% alc. 3,50

    The authentic Greek lager beer from 100% Thrace malt and fine raw materials.

  • Paulaner Weisse | Blonde, German Hefeweizen, 5.5% alc. 5,50

    A golden feel with orange highlights, hides the parade of coriander, lemons, oranges, bananas, cloves and earthy splashes. The mouth is dominated by the most tropical side with an interesting mix of banana, hops and yeast.

  • 56 isles Paros | Blonde, pilsner 5.2% alc. 4,50

    Produced on the island of Paros, the heart of the "56 isles" if the Cyclades. It is presented to us with rich foam and fermented with the cool flavours of Parian barley that grows under the sun, on the shores of the Aegean.

  • Septem 8th day | Blonde, IPA 7% alc. 6,00

    Fresh, unpasteurized, unfiltered beer for which whole flowers of the hops varieties Mosaic, Citra & Simcoe are used, giving the characteristic bitter feeling.

  • Leffe Blond | Blonde, Belgian pale ale 6.6% alc. 5,50

    Its aromatic palette is reminiscent of a romantic musical symphony, with citrus fruits flirting with flowers and spicy notes emphasizing the passion. Citrys, vanilla, honey, coriander and orange overflow in the mouth.

  • Hertog Jan Grand Prestige | Deep red, belgian strong ale 10% alc. 14,00

    Hertog Jan is one of the highest quality monastic beers in Netherlands. Inside the beautiful and characteristic clay bottle stand out the scandalous black fruits, mainly blackberries, vanilla, caramel, spicy pepper, toasted bread and caramelized nuts.

Our beers can be accompanied with a platter of cheeses – cold cuts or with Solid hot dogs.

  • Platter for 2 persons 10,00
  • Platter for 4 persons 19,00
  • Solid hot dogs 8,00



  • Bottle -- Glass
  • Ampelou Idea, dry 24,00 -- 4,00

    Bright yellow - green color. Insect aromas of white flowers, citrus and white pulp fruits. Fruity aftertaste.

  • Vavel semi-dry, Samos 21,00 -- 3,50

    It has a strong harmonious fruity aromas, soft and velvety taste and long aftertaste. It is a balanced wine, easily combined and enjoyable in every season.

  • Pythagorean Cup semi-sweet, Samos 24,00 -- 4,00

    Charming yellow-green color with predominant aromas of citrus fruits and apricot, with a long and sweet aftertaste.

  • Kidonitsa, Monemvasias wines, dry 29,00 -- 6,00

    Golden yellow color with green highlights, elegant quince aroma, special fruity aroma and distinctive due to the indigenous rare variety, rich body, freshness, pleasant acidity, long wonderful aftertaste.

  • Samos Vin Doux 4,00

    It has a light golden color and the nose is dominated by aromas of apricot jam and ripe melon.

  • White Sangria | Solid Homemade 4,00


  • Bottle -- Glass
  • Paragka kyr Gianni 24,00 -- 4,00

    Beautiful aromas of red forest fruits, cherries and sweet spices enriched with delicate notes of rose.

  • Pythagorean Tetractys dry, Samos 28,00 -- 5,00

    A charming red-black wine with a thick nose and aromas of chocolate, smoke, marmalade, cherry and ink.

  • Armonia gis, dry, Merlot 22,00 -- 3,50

    Aromas of fresh red and black fruits with hints of sweet spices. Red fruit mout and vanilla aromas, light & soft tannins and fruity aftertaste.

  • Red Sangria | Solid Homemade 4,00


  • Bottle -- Glass
  • Pythagorean Crater semi-sweet, Samos 28,00 -- 5,00

    Transparent, dark rose color and nose full of nectarines and peaches, caramel, bubble gum and strawberry marmalade.

  • 3 Magisses, semi-sweet, Mparafaka domain 28,00 -- 5,00

    Distinct aromas of red fruits, blend harmoniously with notes of white flowers.

  • Avantis domain dry, Evia 26,00 -- 4,50

    Soft rose color with pink shades, impressive aromas of strawberry, cherry and pomegranate. Fruity mouth of red fruits, milk caramel and well-structured acidity.

Sparkling wine

  • Bottle -- Glass
  • Moscato d'Ifestia 6,00

Our wines can be accompanied with a platter of cheeses – cold cuts.

  • platter for 2 persons 10,00
  • platter for 4 persons 19,00

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Our water is filtered.
Let us know if you have any allergies.

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